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The Homewood IRB & COIC Office is a fully remote office. Staff can be reached via phone, email, or MS Teams chat. Contact information for each staff member is listed below.

Homewood Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Phone Number: 410-516-3353
Email: [email protected]

Michael McCloskey, PhD
IRB Chair

Department of Cognitive Science
237 Krieger Hall
410-516-5325 [email protected]

Laura Evans
Executive Director, IRB & COIC

410-516-4820 [email protected]

Courtney Holzberger
IRB Analyst

410-516-6580 [email protected]

Amber Robinson
IRB Analyst

410-516-3353 [email protected]

Ciara Cross
IRB/COI Coordinator

[email protected]

Homewood Conflict of Interest & Commitment (COIC)

Phone: 410-516-2334
Email: [email protected]
Guidelines for Reporting (KSAS and WSE)

Homewood Institutional Review Board


Homewood Institutional Review Board (HIRB)
Johns Hopkins University
San Martin Building
3400 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21218

NOTE: HIRB is a fully remote office.


[email protected]

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