New eHIRB users must log into the eHIRB system with their JHED ID and password, to create a user profile. This will enable new users to be added to a study application by an existing study team member or create a study application for review.

Electronic Homewood Institutional Review Board (eHIRB) is a paperless, electronic method to submit, track, and review the scientific, regulatory, and compliance information required for the safe conduct of human subjects research at Homewood. All new applications and Further Study Actions (Continuing Reviews, Amendments, Reportable Events, and Study Closures) must be submitted through eHIRB.

eHIRB users should log in using their JHED ID and password. For assistance with JHED accounts, contact [email protected].

All faculty, staff, and students who conduct human subjects research must complete CITI training. Please read the Homewood IRB CITI Training Instructions

Please review the Getting Started documents and eHIRB FAQs, as well as the other applicable links below, before proceeding with a new application. If you have questions after reviewing all the below documents, please contact the HIRB Office.

JHU affiliates are also encouraged to watch the eHIRB tutorial video. This tool is intended to assist the Homewood IRB research community in completing an eHIRB application for IRB review.

Revised Common Rule and Common Rule

On January 21, 2019, all new federally funded human subjects research studies must comply with the revisions to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) human subjects research regulations. Where research studies are also Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulated “clinical investigations,” they must also comply with those regulations. The FDA is working on harmonizing its regulations with the revised version of the DHHS regulations. In addition, all research conducted in Maryland must continue to follow the Common Rule.